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What is NetworkSpinal? How does it differ from traditional chiropractic?

NetworkSpinal is a light-touch form of chiropractic care, so there is no manual adjusting of your spine (no cracks or pops). Instead, it teaches your body how to self-adjust and self-regulate. Your body will learn the strategies it needs in order to release any interference from the spine and nervous system. 

Do you offer neck cracking/ cracking adjustments?

No. We teach your body to self-adjust, which is a sustainable strategy for long-term wellness.

I’d like to have my whole family come in. Is Network Spinal good/ appropriate for babies and kids?

Yes! Network Spinal is effective for all ages, and tending to the health of your child’s nervous system supports optimal development and adaptation to life’s experiences.

Yes! We’ve helped lots of people who have been in pain. Pain is an intelligent way that our body gets our attention. By helping your brain connect to your body, we’re able to help you access the energy beneath the pain. This is essential to getting to the root cause of what your body is communicating.

Is Harmony a good fit for me if I’m in pain?

Absolutely! Network Spinal care optimizes the function of your nervous system, which is the filter through which you experience life. When you upgrade your nervous system, you upgrade your life. 

Would Network Spinal care still benefit me if I’m not in pain/don’t have symptoms?

The Initial Visit is 75 minutes and includes a consultation, spine and posture exam, first entrainment, and recommendations for your care. Regular entrainment visits are 30 minutes. 

How long does a new client exam and entrainment take?

We are dedicated to serving your whole-being and we approach health and healing in a holistic way. Insurance companies are generally not focused on wellness and cover short-term pain relief or disease management.  

Therefore, to be in integrity with our values and model of care, we do not bill insurance companies directly for our care. If you have out-of-network coverage, we can provide Superbill receipts, which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do you accept insurance?

Frequently Asked Questions

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"I was drawn to visiting Harmony Center because of its focus on holistic methods, and the body mind connection."

Gianna and Kevin are both wonderful healers. I just started treatment for back pain, and a week later I’m able to lift weights again! I was also taught a lot about my posture and what was happening with my spine. The knowledge is life changing. So grateful for the Harmony Center! - Gloria

"My experience working with Dr. Gianna has been magical."  

She is fully present and listens deeply, creating a space of nurture and safety. Her work is highly intuitive and powerfully effective, leaving me feeling more grounded and spacious in my body. I am able to be more present to my life after this work. I would highly recommend it! - Chanel J.

"I've been under care at Harmony for several months and words cannot encompass how impactful their work is in supporting my development and personal growth!"

I can truly say that my mind, body, spirit and soul is nourished by their skillful and compassionate touch. Thank you Harmony Center for continuing to guide me to my whole being-ness ☺️ Highly recommend for anyone who is looking to make shifts and progress on their healing journey - Darcel W.

"I've worked with Dr. Kevin for over a year and have seen much benefit in the calming of my nervous system, the unwinding of aches and pains, and overall clarity of being."

Dr. Kevin has a unique intuition that allows him to be completely present with you in the moment and guides him to know exactly where to work, in order to heal. It's amazing to receive chiropractic care from him, and I can't recommend it enough! - Eric J.

"My experience of Kevin and Gianna as practitioners is one of immense attunement, alignment, and care."

Their use of network chiropractic helps me to show up as my whole self, able to soften into deeper levels of healing and integration in my body. I'm deeply grateful for the space they create with their presence, and the intentionality they bring into their work. Highly recommend these two for the holistic and highly attuned service they are offering in the world. - Arielle B.